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Welcome to the Hockey Planner

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Andrew Trimble


Welcome to the Hockey Planner substack from Andrew Trimble. A place where you can get info for your team, your family, and your players, to help make better teams, better players and more informed families.

1. Why this, why now

The Hockey Planner substack can assist any program operator, team manager, director or coach in creating a vision for their program. It also assists hockey coaches with concepts and ideas that help teams and players become successful.

2. What is the Hockey Planner about?

The Hockey Planner is a place where you gather information. New, fresh and meaningful ideas and info… then find ways to implement them into your team. We are in the fight together to build better teams and players.

Casual but passionate fan? Find topics that make the game more enjoyable.

3. When does the Hockey Planner post?

Weekly posts and stories. Monthly, up to date videos on a wide range of topics in the game of hockey. The best game in the world. Come to the Hockey Planner substack to learn more.

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