Scoring Concepts LLC - Philosophy

Scoring Concepts LLC - Philosophy

Scoring Concepts LLC was incorporated in 2011, but has been in development for over 20 years.

Scoring Concepts has 3 key Components:

1. Multi-Skill and Overspeed Drills- The head has to be attached to the hands, which have to be attached to the feet. Elite Hockey players become successful when no component of their body restricts the other parts from performing to maximum capacity.

2. Actions over Over-Analysis- Coach Trimble doesn’t waste valuable ice time talking beside a dry erase board, instead, kids are moving. Students are encouraged to complete activities faster than they think they can complete them, while also enjoying an open format where kids can be creative and have fun. Students recieve the technical corrections, generally 1 on 1, while in the process of completing these activities.

3. Competitions- Partner Drills, small area games and activities that foster engagement; push the athletes to go faster, go further, and go with a greater sense of urgency. Taken from his own experiences as a player, Coach Trimble believes that competitive peer pressure is the greatest single motivator in a young athlete’s life. When competition is applied in the optimal context; a fun, uptempo atmosphere, the results can be extraordinary!


  • Fun fact #1 Does Scoring Concepts Run teams?

    Yes!! In addition to the Wolves program, we also field tournament teams in the summer.

  • Fun fact #2 Does Scoring Concepts do clinics?

    Yes!! We have weekly drop-in skills clinics each summer, AND winter skill-specific clinics.

  • Fun fact #3 Does Scoring Concepts run camps?

    Yes!! Different themes, unique camps, in a variety of rinks here in New England!

  • Fun Fact #4 Does Coach Trimble do skills for Youth Programs?

    Yes!! In addition to weekly or monthly skills with programs, Coach Trimble is available for skills-specific themed sessions with your program.