As a parent, will I need to stay all day with my camper?

No.  Supervision and camper experience are critical aspects of Scoring Concepts Camps.  Every locker room has a coach or counselor on hand to supervise and assist with a players needs, including:

* Tying skates

* Taping shin pads

* Fixing helmets

and much more

Will skate sharpening be available at Scoring Concepts Camps?

Yes.  All the rinks that Scoring Concepts runs programs out of have skate sharpening services.  You will have to contact directly with the facility to see the hours for the sharpening services.

Will lunch be served at camp?

For Scoring Concepts full, half and small group camps, players are encouraged to bring a bag lunch, snacks and water each day to camp.  However, at Full Day Camp Wednesday is Pizza Day and both Half Day camps conclude (on Friday) with a Pizza Party!

Are any camps overnight?

No.  Scoring Concepts does not currently have any overnight camps.  We do, however, have many players from out of the area attending.  Parents are encouraged to look at many local AirBnb and hotel accomodations that are located throughout the Lakes Region of NH.

What if my player is sick or injured during camp?

This is not a common occurence, however, Scoring Concepts does have a refund and voucher policy.  Please review all registration info upon sign up.

What are the backgrounds of the Coaching Staff?

Scoring Concepts hires current Junior and College players as counselors for our camps.  All are high level players with a deep love for coaching and growing the game.  Scoring Concepts also brings in coaches weekly who are local professional coaches with experience playing Jr, College, and Pro Hockey.

For more info on Head Instructor Andrew Trimble, please review the About Us "Our Staff" section of the homepage.

Coach Trimble attends in person and runs all camps.

What if my player has an allergy or needs medication?

Please communicate with Coach Trimble or a member of the staff either upon check in, or during the pre-registration process.  

All medications can be kept with the coaching staff during camp.

For medical emergencies, Plymouth State University hospital is located nearby as the University has a vast network of resources to assist.

Will my player have fun at camp or is it purely about training?

Scoring Concepts prides itself on providing a fun experience above all else.  We recognize that our camps are the highlights for many players summer hockey experience, and we strive greatly to make sure your athlete enters camp with a smile and leaves each day with an even bigger smile.

Daily trivia, prizes, contests and drawings occur each day!

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